Our conference 2016 : The Agricultural Spectrum of Africa

The African Business Lawyers’ Club (ABLC), in association with Medef International, holds its 5th annual conference on June 13th, 2016 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Medef’s headquarters.
This year, the conference will focus on the diversity of the agro industrial potential in Africa: “The Agricultural Spectrum of Africa: embracing the opportunities of a fertile sector”
 “From quantitative perspective, the agro business in Africa offers excellent growth expectations for companies because the potential and needs are huge, explains Alex Bebe Epale, ABLC‘s President. Nevertheless, this sector needs to be a vector to a better quality of life and to a social entrepreneurship. The ABLC has therefore decided to work in a sustainable manner with its various partners on the creation of a framework favourable to the development of such agro-business vision”.
The agricultural sector employs 60 % of the African population and is a main source for a more inclusive economic growth. Related industries and services represent more than 30% of some African cities GDP. 
Empirical data suggests that the GDP growth resulting from agriculture is at least twice more effective to reduce poverty than the GDP growth related to non-agricultural activities. The potential for improvement is even greater in view of the paradox of the situation: Africa imports the equivalent of USD 50 billion of food each year.  However, more than half of unused arable lands in the world are on the African continent. 
This 5th edition will gather legal and finance experts, industrials, entrepreneurs and public and private operators in order to share experiences in the agro-industrial sector, raise thoughts on the matter and propose practical and innovative solution to African challenges. 
The first debate will contextualize the importance of the agro industrial sector as a vector of African economic diversification. Then, will follow two round tables: “How to remove any apprehension regarding the African agro-industrial potential?” which will review the most innovating methods set up on the ground, and “Words of an entrepreneur: What key factors for a success story?” which will gather chiefs of industries sharing their experience gained on the ground. Debates will be led by Serge Michel, the Monde Afrique’s Editor-in-chief.


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