Business and Law Seminars

Dynamic and resolutely focused towards Africa’s development, the ABLC devotes significant efforts to mobilize its members in the pursuit of solidarity and increased knowledge of the African continent. The Business & Law Seminars help achieve that goal, enabling participants to discover the specifics of doing business in any given African country or  region, through Agreement and various formal and informal exchanges  between students and local practitioners.

To date, the ABLC has conducted Business & Law Seminars on the following topics at the Catholic University of Central Africa (Yaounde, Cameroon):

  • “Issues of Private Equity in Africa: Legal and Financial Aspects” on July 30, 2011;
  • “Project Finance in Africa” on December 23, 2011; and
  • “Negotiate and Conclude a Credit” and “Legal and Tax aspects related to mining and oil projects in Africa”  in January 2013.

Pro Bono

The Pro Bono activities undertaken by the ABLC respond to the Club’s solidarity objectives and help achieve its  “Training” goals. Amongst other initiatives, the ABLC is working towards establishing a mentoring program, to support African students including through donations of legal materials and the annual organization of the “Business & Law Seminars” in Africa. To help fund and support its pro bono initiatives, the Club has established partnerships with local and foreign companies, law firms and institutions.

The ABLC’s Pro Bono work also consists of introducing students studying in Africa to local law firms, which are partners with the ABLC. These local law firms provide students with an invaluable support throughout  their academic careers and at the beginning of their professional careers.

Casual Meetings

Driven by a desire to create a united and harmonious community, Casual Meetings allow members to strengthen their ties, through informal social gatherings.