Mossadeck Bally

Mr. Mossadeck Bally is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Azalaï Hotels Group, a leading private hotel chain group in the West African Region.

Born on august 27, 1961 in Niger to Malian parents with a long tradition in commerce and trading, Mr. Bally was raised in Niger and Mali, where he received his early education. He studied abroad, notably in France and in the United States where he improved his business knowledge by holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco, in California.

Mr. Bally commenced his foray into the African hospitality industry with an initial focus on his home country, Mali. In 1994, he established the special purpose vehicle, “Société Malienne de Promotion Hôtelière (SMPH)” to effect the acquisition of the first hotel of the future Azalaï Hotels Group through the State privatization of the mythical “Grand Hôtel de Bamako”. In 2000, he built on the strong reputation on the service quality and management of its premier hotel to build the Salam Hotel, and enter into a management agreement for Hotel Nord Sud, both based in Bamako.

In 2005, Mr. Bally consolidated the activities of the various properties under a common brand (“Azalaï Hotels”), and formally launched the Group’s expansion strategy in the WAEMU region. Under Mr. Bally’s leadership, the Azalaï Hotels Group expanded its presence in 2004, in Burkina Faso through the acquisition of Hotel Independence; in 2007, in Guinea Bissau through the acquisition of Hotel 24 de Setembro; in Benin through the acquisition of Hotel de la Plage and more recently to Dakar, Conakry and Abidjan. From its humble start 20 years ago, Azalaï Hotels Group is today the first African private hotel chain group in the West African Region, providing direct employment to around 700 persons and indirectly to more than 3,500.

Mr. Bally, through the Azalaï Hotels Group strives to provide an ambitious and innovative vision for African Business.