Save the Date – 2019 Conference

We are delighted to invite you to the 8th edition of the ABLC’s annual conference entitled “African Air Transport : Sky is the limit ?”, which will be followed by a cocktail.

Although African air transport is relatively slow in comparison to the world (only 3% of the global passenger traffic), more and more African countries are showing improvements in terms of airports and airlines:

– Successful airlines: Royal Air Maroc, Ethiopian Airlines, Egyptair and Kenya Airways.

– Vigorous airports: Johannesburg (20 million passengers), Cairo (15 million passengers), Cape Town (9 million de passengers) and Casablanca (8 million de passengers).

The challenges faced by the African air transport are numerous (dependency towards public sector, inefficiency of the inspection agencies, aging aircraft fleets, inadequate airports, expensive flight tickets and insufficient intra-continental flights) however the potential for the aviation sector in Africa is immense and can bring positive impact in Africa: accelerating the regional integration, promoting add-valued trainings, facilitating the flow of people and goods, improving access to health care and food, accompanying a tourism policy, etc.

In the coming years, accelerated urbanization and middle classes development will change the African sky. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Africa’s aviation sector forecast to grow 5,7% per annum until 2034 and it could generate more than 800,000 jobs over the next 20 years !

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